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Maize roadmap
Stage 1
Q3 2021

1.Mainnet Release.
Status: Done
2.Raise 700 users on Discord
Status: Done
3.Raise Maize network to 200 PIB.
Status: Done
4.Listing on P2P Trading by forks traders in discord
Status: Done Spent: 30000 Maize
5.Listing on
Status: Done Spent: 5000 Maize
6.Listing on
Status Done
7.Listing on exchange
Status: Done
8.Listing on explorers and
Status: Done
9.Raise 700 users on Discord.
Status: Done
10.Maize faucet.
Status: Done Spent: 100 maize
11.Build own pool for chia nft plots.
Status: Done Spent 100000 Maize
12.Open own c2b forks exchanger.
Status: Done Spent 300000 Maize
13.Open online service for fork farmers.
Status: Done Spent 100000 Maize
14.Updating the application based on chia 3.0.
15.A promotion "every 25 petabytes." after 200 PIB. A gift for the farmer.
Status: in progress. Spent 2800 Maize.

Q4 2021

1.Raise Maize network to 600 PIB.
Status: Pending
2.Build pool for Maize and another forks.
Status: Development.
3.Open own p2p own exchanger.
Status: Done.Spent 50000 Maize
4.Open casino games on maize coin.
Status:Testing. Opening November 2021
5.Promotion! A gift of 200 maize to a farmer who sends in a photo that he is a maize farmer. Date 06-10 October 2021.
Status: Completed. 21810 coins spent.
6.New Promotions after 400 PIB.
Status: Development
Stage 2
Q1 2022

1.Open mobile wallet for Maize and all forks.
2.Listing on minor exchange or another after reaching a network of 800 PIB.
4.Raise Maize network to 2 EIB.
5.Open own forks exchange
Status: Development

Q2 2022

1.Open fun games on maize coin.
Status: Development.
2.On-going GUI performance
3.Raise 3000 users on Discord
– Raise Maize network to 5 EiB
Stage 3

– Listing in major exchanges
– Influencer Development Partnership

Stage 4
– Listed on CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko

Stage 5
To the moon!🚀