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Hello! We are Maize! Fork of Chia.We launched Maize online casino!
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All newbies and those who have 0 coins will get 30 maize coins!

Maize WhitePaper


Chia Network is a blockchain platform that aims to make home farming an affordable and popular way to mine Chia cryptocurrency.
Chia Network differs from other projects in that Chia farming directly depends on the amount of free hard disk space. Thus, the freer gigabytes a miner provides, the faster it will mine new Chia.
The Chia Network was developed on the basis of the rare Proof-of-Space-and-Time consensus algorithm, which is a combination of Proof-of-Space and Proof-of-Time ("Proof of time").
The developers claim that Proof-of-Space-and-Time (PoSaT) solves all the problems of the PoW algorithm associated with low energy efficiency, poor scalability and high cost of equipment required for mining BTC and ETH.
We believed in the Chia Network and developed our own Maize fork.

What is Maize Farm?
The work of the Maize farm is similar to farming, but instead of processing power, it uses space to store data on the hard disk. During block creation, a snapshot of the NAS space is taken;
Personal income is determined by the percentage of disk space that a user contributes to the total disk space on the network. The more storage space you allocate for your corn farm, the greater your profit margins.
What is parcel plotting?
To get a corn farm up and running, it needs to be paved, a process that requires reading and writing to the farm's allocated space on the hard drive. Once your hard drive is laid out, you can become a farmer and harvest as long as you store the evidence generated by the plotting process.
The initial drafting process fills the farm space with random input evidence, reads the disks through direct API access, and then sorts them to quickly find the evidence obtained.
What problems does Maize solve?
Chia officially reserves a very large number of coins, and because of this, they cannot go to major exchanges such as Binance.
Chia's official developers reserve 21 million coins for their own use, which is unfair to everyone involved in the Chia ecosystem. The officially reserved 21 million coins are equivalent to the total reward of all miners mining the coin for 12 consecutive years. Maize has transparent developer pre-farming of 3,000,000 Maize to support development and cloud infrastructure costs.

Why we need Maize prefarm?
The preliminary prefarm is the number of Maize coins that we mined at the very beginning of the blockchain operation and put into the developers' wallet. Their use is aimed at supporting the success, development and survival of the blockchain.
The Maize coins from the wallet will be used to cover various costs of maintaining the blockchain:
The Maizecoin blockchain requires special powerful computers called Timelords.
Marketing to attract and maintain participation in the blockchain.
Stock listings on major exchanges and liquidity pools (decentralized finance).
Grants to developers for building smart contracts and blockchain tools.
Developing useful and entertaining online services for fork and chia farmers.

Below are the main characteristics of the Maizecoin blockchain:

Name: Maize
English name: Maize
English abbreviation: Maize
Start Date: 24 July 2021
ICO: no
Preliminary Production: 3,000,000
Description: Forkt from Chia
Block time: 18.75 seconds (like Chia)
Block Reward: 2 XMZ (Chia: 2 XCH)
Block allocation: 100% allocated to miners
Reward reduction in half: Halve in 3 years, up to a block reward of 0.125 XMZ from year 13 (like Chia).

July 2021 to July 2024
Block reward 2 coins

July 2024 to July 2027
Block reward 1 coins

July 2027 to July 2030
Block reward 0.5 coins

July 2030 to July 2033
Block reward 0.25 coins

July 2033 to July 2036
Block reward 0.125 coins

From July 2036
Block reward 0.125 coins

Total supply: 21,000,000 coins (same as Chia)
You don't need to overplot (you can use chia plots)
Maize is a community volunteer fork using the Chia code. As a fully decentralized cryptocurrency with no reservation, no ICO and community autonomy, it can create a low energy, green and environmentally friendly blockchain system with Chia.

Our mission is to make our coin in demand among chia farmers and its forks, as well as other cryptocurrency users. Based on this mission, we develop the following projects:

1.C2B forks exchanger
2.P2P forks exchanger
3. Exchange of forks
4. Online casino Maize
5. Service for online distribution of Chia blockchain files and forks
6. Chia pool
7. Fork pool
8. Nft-games
9. Mobile wallet for forks
10. Web wallet for forks

More detailed information about our project is spelled out in the roadmap.

Maize roadmap
Stage 1
Q3 2021

1.Mainnet Release.
Status: Done
2.Raise 700 users on Discord
Status: Done
3.Raise Maize network to 200 PIB.
Status: Done
4.Listing on P2P Trading by forks traders in discord
Status: Done Spent: 30000 Maize
5.Listing on
Status: Done Spent: 5000 Maize
6.Listing on
Status Done
7.Listing on exchange
Status: Done
8.Listing on explorers and
Status: Done
9.Raise 700 users on Discord.
Status: Done
10.Maize faucet.
Status: Done Spent: 100 maize
11.Build own pool for chia nft plots.
Status: Done Spent 100000 Maize
12.Open own c2b forks exchanger.
Status: Done Spent 300000 Maize
13.Open online service for fork farmers.
Status: Done Spent 100000 Maize
14.Updating the application based on chia 3.0.
15.A promotion "every 25 petabytes." after 200 PIB. A gift for the farmer.
Status: in progress. Spent 2800 Maize.

Q4 2021

1.Raise Maize network to 600 PIB.
Status: Pending
2.Build pool for Maize and another forks.
Status: Development.
3.Open own p2p own exchanger.
Status: Done.Spent 50000 Maize
4.Open casino games on maize coin.
Status:Testing. Opening November 2021
5.Promotion! A gift of 200 maize to a farmer who sends in a photo that he is a maize farmer. Date 06-10 October 2021.
Status: Completed. 21810 coins spent.
6.New Promotions after 400 PIB.
Status: Development
Stage 2
Q1 2022

1.Open mobile wallet for Maize and all forks.
2.Listing on minor exchange or another after reaching a network of 800 PIB.
4.Raise Maize network to 2 EIB.
5.Open own forks exchange
Status: Development

Q2 2022

1.Open fun games on maize coin.
Status: Development.
2.On-going GUI performance
3.Raise 3000 users on Discord
– Raise Maize network to 5 EiB
Stage 3

– Listing in major exchanges
– Influencer Development Partnership

Stage 4
– Listed on CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko

Stage 5
To the moon!🚀
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